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Airblastoff Sports utilizes the latest understanding of muscle building along with strength and conditioning to influence, improve and increase an athlete's skills and success.


Founded by Olympic Gold Medalist Sprinter and 2x World Champion, Robert "Blastoff" Esmie.  

Through Professional Olympic style training programs, Airblastoff Sports provides premium high-performance training to cross-sport athletes of all disciplines. All track and speed workouts are specifically designed to be transferable to any sport and field.


As a result, over several years, Airblastoff Sports has housed several Professional Athletes and Medalists of all levels including the CFL, NFL, Olympics, NCAA, National Lacrosse League (NLL), International, National and Provincial track. 

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Robert "Blastoff" Esmie

aka The Speed Doctor

WE are

Performance-oriented, results-driven and athlete focused.

      To ensure our client athletes gain quality 

      knowledge, mindset and tools to achieve and

      Blastoff to higher levels of greatness.

Robert “Blastoff” Esmie aka SpeedDoctor 


I was born in Jamaica, home of the world’s best sprinters, and raised in Sudbury, Ontario. Throughout my journey of coaching myself in the 95/96 season, I dedicated the first 25 years of my life to my passion: running FAST, which lead me to:

Olympic Gold Medalist (1996)

World Championships Gold Medalist (1995, 1997)

Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist (1994)

World Indoor Games 60m Bronze Medalist (1995)

Canadian Track and Field Championships Gold Medalist (1996, 1997)

Canadian Olympic Committee Hall of Fame

Canadian Sports Hall of Fame

As my career wound down in 2004, I started to get referrals from doctors to rehab their distance runners and teach them proper techniques within a 4-6 weeks time span. From there came great results and more referrals for other sports and that was when I knew I was passionate to start coaching.

Now, my next 25 years are dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams. By educating and teaching them how to BLASTOFF.


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Robert Esmie is also the Co-Founder of, a feedback platform that enables experts to monetize their knowledge and expertise while helping others succeed.

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building airblastoff sports

Need for Speed Academy created from life learnt lessons through our 5 F-SYSTEM:



The concept for Airblastoff Sports was taken from Robert's life experiences of growing up in a single-parent, one-income family. His mother was not 100% sure how she would pay for his education. and she worked overtime as often as possible, to help make her kids' dreams become a reality.

Despite this, he had a plan of his own, which involved taking a $1,500 loan from his education funds 

that his mother had been working so hard to save. Back then, post-secondary education cost about $40,000 for 4 years (now it costs approximately $100,000+ for a 4-year education). 

He used the money to design posters in order to raise funds for access to coaches and trainers needed to supplement his athletic dreams.

It's Robert's strong belief that if your child possesses basic talent, certain important physical and mental attributes, and carries a (B) average or higher, he/she will have a very good chance at receiving scholarships to study and carry out their student and athletic dreams at the University or College level.

This is what we refer to as the 3 A-SYSTEM: