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Frequently Asked questions

FAQs - Gymfit X Webflow Template

What is the Airblastoff schedule?

The Main days in Sudbury are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday. email for GTA and 1on1 schedules

Do you offer a trial day for the group session?

Drop in $40 if space available. Within 24 hours that $40 can be transfer into the program cost

How long are the classes duration?

All programs and 1on1 are 1 hour long unless the trainer communicate if that specific team will be longer

Do you offer 1-on-1 classes and personal training?

Yes we do but keep in mind group training is very beneficial as well

What is the monthly subscription for Airblastoff?

Monthly rate option: 2 X weekly 
Age 5-8: $180
Age 9-12: $190
Age 13-15: $200
Age 16-18: $210
Age 19 +: $225
Price does not include taxes, facility, AO or MTA memberships or competition

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